The Alpha-Male Grooming Products line that is Disrupting the Market- Dapper Daddy

Dapper Daddy

Years back, when Sahil wanted to sport a beard like Indian cricket captain Virat Kohli, he knew how to start- “You not only need to grow it, but also groom it”. The commerce graduate, a CA student in Jodhpur also knew where to start: Online. Inspired by his father and with the immense support of his family and friends, Sahil came up with Dapper Daddy – The ultimate male grooming products.

Neither salons nor any store had such products that were affordable and organic. There is high competition in the market for the developing sector of male grooming products. What sets Dapper Daddy apart is the fact that every ingredient is organic and pure and is created with the highest of standards. Each product is created for every skin type and for all hair textures. 

Founded just a few years ago, the direct-to-consumer brand began with serving up products for beards, before evolving into a full-stack men’s grooming company. Its pace of growth caught attention of the millennial audience in the Tier 1 cities.

Today, Dapper Daddy is currently the top-selling brand in men’s grooming category on India’s top ecommerce sites: Flipkart, Amazon, Snapdeal. Sahil started with the primary aim of providing the best lifestyle products at affordable prices and today the dream is a success. With the expansion in the Indian Market, Dapper Daddy plans to spread in PAN India. It’s partnership with the leading sales outsourcing company, AOB India is a start of the making of a legendary phenomenon in the FMCG sector.

Although men’s grooming was no new concept, the pace was only just picking up – particularly in the Indian market. Dapper Daddy, therefore, faced the challenge of having to carve out a large piece from a pie that was still baking – no mean task. Sahil discovered that Indian culture, while open to men’s grooming in general, was still reluctant to accept specific grooming products – such as oils or gel for beards. He, therefore, created an aura of prosperity and class around their products targeting affluent men in the ages of 20 to 45 – an internet savvy group with a preference for branded products. While e-commerce is the main source of revenue, Dapper Daddy products are also available in select salons. 

Dapper Daddy has presented its brand as one that enhances the appeal of a well-groomed man. The young entrepreneur who has met every challenge head-on and showed the world that where there is a beard, there is Dapper Daddy!

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