Panic strikes before travelling – 3 tips to get rid of the nerves

You save money, plan out an itinerary, book tickets and then wait to jet off. Amidst all this, there are bound to be apprehensions, there are bound to be few jittery nerves and plenty of questions around what if.
And then once you finally arrive at the destination, there could be few more impediments which might actually force the entire excursion to be an absolute wreck. Well, we have factored in all these and try to offer three basic tips on how to ace a particular travel schedule.
Plan the logistics
What museums to visit, where to eat, what to eat, what to wear, where to roam around – these questions need to be sorted out before you board that flight. There is a sense of security if the answers to a few of these inevitable questions are placed in front of you.
Write everything down
It is very easy to browse through journals and travel guides, but there is so much information that it becomes human nature to forget or jumble them up. Hence, take a pen or stick out your mobile and jot everything down. Some information might be very basic, some might be needed, but then it should all be collated perfectly so that it can come in handy at any point during the travel.
Jot down the name, location, and phone number of the hotel, the timings of the local restaurant, flight bookings, use of public transport, the local hotspots etc.
What are your priorities
This one is basically an extrapolation of the previous point. It is always advised to be fully aware of what you exactly want from a place. You have to be clear about the sights you want to see so that not much time is wasted in dawdling around places which are of little consequence. Time is of the essence when you are out travelling, manage the itinerary accordingly and it will be all be sorted.

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