From an IAS aspirant to trekking enthusiast: Story of Vaibhav Thakur and TrekaTribe

“1400 years ago, Mohammed said: ‘Don’t tell me how educated you are, tell me how much you have traveled.’ I believe we should never stop traveling and we should never stop growing. Remember to never panic. Always trust your Gut. Remember, Travel is not passion, it is a necessity,” Vaibhav Thakur a young entrepreneur from Himachal Pradesh’s Shimla says enthusiastically.

Being a hardworking and studious child, Vaibhav had a lot of hopes pinned upon him while growing up. His dreams were altered according to the dreams of those around him. He wanted to be an IAS officer and thus left for Delhi in 2014 to join a coaching.

Within 8 months, Vaibhav was back in Shimla, now absolutely sure that this was not his path to travel. He had developed a passion for traveling while studying B.Tech in Punjab. Now, after 8 months of coaching for IAS, he knew that he wanted to make a career in traveling.


The planning

After returning from Delhi, he pursued MBA to understand the nitty-gritties of running a business. Post that, Vaibhav spent about a year working with startups like BYJUS and EdQuest to understand the intricacies.

Having acquired decent practical and academic knowledge, he once again moved back to Shimla; this time to launch his own startup – TrekaTribe.

“More than 3 years ago in Shimla, the seed of an idea was planted and a dream was shared. Today, we look back at what we’ve learnt and built. We’d love to do it all over again. This project incorporates Youth, Experience & Passion,” he tells youngnfab.


Sustainable Travel

Coming from the hills and understanding the severe impact of irresponsible tourism also inspired him to work towards promoting the idea of sustainable travel.

“We take people to the offbeat, unexplored and beautiful places in the Himalayas and educate them to respect the nature and culture of that place,” he states.

“It is a better version of mass tourism where all focus is not only on the money generation. On the other hand, sustainable tourism is all about giving back to the locals and preserving the environment,” Vaibhav adds.

There has been a sudden boost in the number of people flocking to hills seeking adventure. This has helped transform the adventure travel industry in India by leaps and bounds.

This growing demand has also led to the germination of a number of startups who now provide services like trekking, camping, mountaineering, etc.

However, Vaibhav believes that this competition is for the good because there is a lot of untapped potentials when it comes to adventure travel in India.

“In India, everyone wants to visit the Himalayas to take a break from their busy life schedule and have some peaceful time. Social media has also played an important role in bringing this change,” he says.

Motivated by this positive outlook, his team comprising of travel enthusiasts – mostly his compadres from engineering days who have now quit their jobs – are working tirelessly to build together what they have dreamt of.

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