Blogging is not just work, it is passion for me: Himani Arora

For 25-year-old Himani from Delhi, the dream of becoming a model took her to an entirely fresh career option – Instagram fashion blogger. Within a short span of two years, Himani managed to bag a massive following of more than 75,000 on the photo-sharing platform. Today, she looks at a lucrative career as a fashion blogger and continues to inspire many others.

We talk to her and try to find out the secret of her success.

How did you decide to get into fashion blogging?

I got my hands in many different fields like learning the German language, doing street plays during my college days, studying English Honors and then shifting to Mass Comm in post graduation. Having gained experience in many fields in my life, I finally landed in the blogging career. I started fashion blogging because I always wanted to do modeling but didn’t get the right platform or one can say didn’t get the right timing. Blogging gave me the chance to come closer to my dream. It is not work for me, it is my passion and I love to inspire others when it comes to fashion, lifestyle, and travel. With the coming up of social media platforms, I am actually able to do things I always wanted to.

Have you faced any challenges in the past which might have made you doubt yourself? Describe.

Ohh yes! There are actually a lot of challenges that you face. So, when you opt for a job, you can be assured of getting a fixed salary. Once you start it, it is smooth, at least for the initial days. But blogging will bring you sleepless nights, especially during your initial months. These sleepless nights make you think if it is worth moving forward or not. You doubt yourself for many days but what kept me going was patience and positivity. You have to stay positive and keep working to achieve your goal.

What are the downsides and upsides of being an Instagram fashion blogger?

If you are a social person, it’s an easy road for you. All you need to do is develop good content and aware people about things you want to but if you are not then you really need to open up because being close to your followers is really important. Also, one important thing is to be really active/available on your phone and social media handles. It’s a good thing for some and a problem for others; choose where you belong!

Do you think youngsters can look at fashion blogging as a potential career option?

Yes, it’s a potential career option but you really need to be dedicated and do this passionately. If you are serious about it then it’s a total yay! Just don’t follow it because of others.

Would you like to add something?  

I just want to say that life is too short to think too much! So if you really want to start anything, do it. That’s what I told myself when I began my career as a blogger. And if you have the talent, you can do the same.

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