Want a flat belly? Try these simple exercises at home


Before it is too late

That bulging belly is rather awkward and hence, you are always looking to suck it in when posing for a photograph. We also know that the belly fat is extremely stubborn and that you have been trying to get rid of it without much success. Hence, like good Samaritans, we have identified four quick routines to achieve a flat belly.


Plank, for the ages

This one is a workout for the full body and it hits all the right areas which include your back, chest, shoulder and the core, which is the key part of the body. This one ensures that you do not have to do different exercises for different abdominal muscles as this one hold will work them all. Just ensure your posture is such that you always keep the back parallel to the ground.

Try to hold a plank for five minutes and repeat it five times – the best possible way to get a well-ripped belly.


The ‘V’ form

Much like the plank, the V offers a plethora of benefits for your core. It targets the entire abdominal area and is one great way of getting a chiselled body. The contractions while doing this exercise are, perhaps, the tools to tone the middle of the body.

We suggest 10 reps and 5 rounds of the same.


How about climbing the stairs

Stairs climbing is a combination of core and cardio exercises. It works like magic for your lower abdomen and oblique muscles. Do 25 with each leg and four repetitions–and you are good to go.

In all these exercises it is imperative to have control over your breath-hold when you inhale and control when you exhale. Also, postures and shapes are extremely important for the best results.


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