Transforming Negative Thoughts Into Positive Beliefs: 10 Tips

New Delhi: Indian saint and a great social reformer Swami Vivekanand’s quote- ‘the greatest sin is to think yourself weak’ emphasizes on under no circumstance one should consider him/herself a weak. The negative thoughts will succeed to influence a person if he/she kneels considering the situation formidable. Psychologists have proved that the origin of strength lies in within person.

However, we witnessed so many victims of mental stress awing to different adverse situations.

Here, we bring 10 tips to transform the negative thoughts into the positive beliefs:

  1. No To ‘All-Or-Nothing’ Believe

People often go on the extreme point of thinking. They narrate a situation in two-way either it is a failure for us or successful. They tend to paint everything black and white which attracts an immense wave of negative thoughts. Exactly here, we make mistake. There is a space between failure and success.  The life is not a two-lane path but it has 3 ways. Whenever they are in problem, they must pick the 3rd lane which suggests going moderate. Leading a moderate life in adverse slowly but steadily attract positivity and helps to regain the confidence.

  1. Positive Thinking

The dose of positive thinking will seed confidence in a person. During the worst time, the positive thinking will act as a savior to recover from the tough phase. Keep telling yourself that nothing is permanent so is your problem. Positive thinking constantly brings your focus toward possibility which subsequently keeps your hope alive.

  1. Don’t Generalize Situation

When the fortune turns off its favor, we often started generalizing situations. We must understand a situation could be a tough deal for one but easy for others. Every person has different capacity and approach to deal with the situation. If our most of friends succeeded in the particular task it does not mean that I should also get success. By generalizing the situation, we just attract irritations which generate inferiority and negativity. Instead, we should deal with the situation without comparison to anyone.

  1. Right Or Happy?

We often firm to prove our points. We lose the battle in the process to be right. Here, we need to understand sometime, we should pick to be happy rather be right. A happy man never loses the battle, he wins or gets satisfaction.

  1. Change Perception

Staying positive in adverse is a habit and the habit is developed with constant feeding positive thoughts to the mind. Our perception toward an event decides whether it will give positive or negative impact on us. Our life is like a half-empty class, it up to us how to we look at it. We see water or emptiness in the first place.


  1. Stop The Tendency For Jumping To Conclusions

We often exaggerate a situation and jump to the conclusion. This tendency sometimes lands us in trouble. We should carefully observe any adverse situation. If we don’t reach a conclusion, we may get a solution to the problem. But the tendency to jumping conclusion stops the way finding a solution.

  1. Don’t Should On Yourself

‘Should statements suggest- like I should be this, I should be that, bring nothing but negative thoughts as we moreover started judging ourselves from other’s perspective. Should on ourselves is nothing but an exercise to put extra mental pressure. The better is not to judge and don’t should on ourselves.

  1. Don’t Make Emotional Reasoning

Judging our emotions and tagging them with negative names are two of the strong causes of pessimism. If one is shy and feels nervous, it is a normal human tendency but he/she often dubbed him/herself as incompetent.  Some emotions like-shy, scare, nervousness and others should not be judged on the rational parameter.

  1. Don’t Take Everything Personally

It is little difficult to understand but matter of the fact is that everything is not for you. Sometimes, a negative comment on you is just for your social or professional designation rather personally for you. Sometimes our beloved one goes against us out of angry or in the compelling situation, not because of personal enmity.

  1. Are You Magnifying A Problem?

Often our mind overacts without seeing the real picture of the problem. Our mind tends to magnify the problem the rational move would be to check the reality. Read the situation whether is it really as big as it seems.

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