Things that are dirtier than your toilet seat

There’s no denying that nothing can be completely clean ever, but still, we make the best efforts to keep things clean. When you think about the germs, it triggers anxiety. Thanks to the advertisements. In the process of keeping ourselves ‘germ-free’, we often forget that there are some things which we think that they are clean but in reality, they have more germs than on a toilet seat. Yes, you read that correctly.

The keyboard

Are you thinking that we have written it incorrectly? If yes, then sadly you’re wrong. Your computer keyboard, which is ‘not considered’ to be dirty, is said to have five times more the germs than the germs found on toilet seats. So in order to save yourselves, keep using hand sanitizer whenever necessary while using the keyboard.

Mobile phone

Our generation is always lost in phones. According to a 2018 study conducted by Initial Washroom Hygiene, phones are more than six times dirtier than toilet seats. The figures increase if you visit the toilet along with your phone. If you’re doing this then please stop it immediately.

Home carpets

Which Indian house doesn’t have a carpet? Don’t we Indians love it? Despite cleaning it regularly, carpets store a lot of bacteria which is found on the dead skin cells that human beings shed from time to time. Food bits and pet dander also make it more germ-friendly and it can be easily said that the carpet has more bacteria than the toilet seat.

Faucet Handle

After going to the toilet, the first thing you do is that you wash your hands, little realising that you leave 21 times more bacteria on the washroom faucet handle than on the toilet seat.  Surprisingly, the kitchen faucet handle is believed to have 44 times more bacteria.

Elevator buttons

Several people take the elevator and press buttons inside it. It is obvious that they harbour germs. Though it is not possible to wipe and clean the elevator buttons every time you use it, you can always clean your hands with hand sanitizer.


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