Revealed! What should you prefer in your diet? Protein or carbs

Protein, which is considered to be the go-to option by fitness experts, might not be the best option as far as fitness experts are concerned. Simran Khosla, who is a fitness expert, believes that it is quite the opposite. According to her, carbohydrates (carbs), and not proteins, act as a major boost during workouts, especially during long hour intensive workouts.

As has been documented very often, nutrition and exercise go hand-in-hand and are equally important to achieve fitness and weight-loss. The diet has to be perfect in order to assist proper fitness regime irrespective of the workout schedule.

Revealing about the aforementioned aspect, Simran says that people still have unbridled faith in protein-rich food. While she accepts that protein plays an important part in muscle repair and gives the sense of fullness which aids weight-loss, it will never be able to provide to required energy for an efficient workout solution.

“Carbohydrates are one of your body’s best fuel sources due to the efficient way they use oxygen. In fact, they use less oxygen for every kilocalorie of energy produced than either fats or proteins, which makes them an important part of your diet if you are physically active, especially if you are an endurance athlete,” explains Simran in her post.

There is this practice of reducing intake of carbs for weight-loss, but it is a two-edged sword. Yes, you lose weight rapidly, but you gain it back as soon as the carbs are back on the diet, the weight too comes scurrying back. Also, lack of carbs is certain to deprive your body of the energy (or fuel) it needs to exercise efficiently.

These are the essential carbs you must include in your diets:

  1. All kinds of vegetables
  2. Sweet potatoes
  3. Potatoes
  4. Nuts
  5. Seeds
  6. Whole grains
  7. Whole fruits
  8. Legumes
  9. Quinoa
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