Pornography habits of men related to their partner’s health, says a new study

In what could be termed as one of the most bizarre findings of recent times, researchers have said that if a man watches way too much porn, then his partner will suffer from an eating disorder. Yes, that’s exactly what the study suggests!

According to the study, the behavior of a romantic partner can be associated with the likelihood of a woman experiencing extreme guilt about eating, binging or purging.

These symptoms were found to be higher in those women who felt pressurized by their boyfriends or husbands to be thin. “The relationship between partner pornography use and disordered eating was stronger for this group of women than for college women we’ve previously studied,” news agency IANS quoted the research’s a co-author Tracy Tylka, a Professor at the Ohio State University, as saying.

“That could be because these women have had more relationship experiences, and these experiences have shaped their relationships with food and their perceptions of their bodies,” Tylka added.

The study has been published in the International Journal of Eating Disorders. In order to conduct the study, the team of researchers examined 409 women who were having relationships with men.

The participating women were given a questionnaire which was designed to examine symptoms of eating disorders. The women had to answer questions about perceived pressure from the media and their partners, families, and friends in their lives to have a fit body.

They also answered questions about how many hours did their partners spend watching porn every week, ranging from none to more than eight hours. They also had to estimate as to how often did their previous partners watch porn on a scale from never to almost always.

After closely studying the responses of the women to those questions, the researchers found a clear relationship between eating disorders and the perceived partner pressure of being thin and pornography.

“In many categories of eating disorder symptoms, perceived pressure from a romantic partner to be thin appeared to be more detrimental than pressure from friends or family, or even the media,” a report in IANS quoted Tylka as saying.

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