Manuka Sport’s Raw Manuka Honey for Athletes Available on Amazon

New Delhi: Manuka Sport’s Raw Manuka Honey, a healthy addition to the diets of elite athletes and weekend warriors, is now available on Amazon.

Raw Manuka Honey is a great source of fuel. Its nectar is composed of 80 percent natural sugar, mostly fructose and glucose, two percent minerals, vitamins, pollen and protein, and 18 percent water. It also serves as a natural antioxidant rich in phenolic acids and flavonoids.

“We are so excited about having Manuka Sport Raw Manuka Honey on sale at Amazon,” said company CEO Tom Buckley. “Raw Manuka Honey is all natural and offers a variety of health benefits to top athletes and sports enthusiasts.”

Manuka Honey’s health benefits include its high levels of antioxidants, and its ability to boost the immune system and reduce inflammation.

Manuka Sport, which has been in the Manuka honey business for a decade, has created a line of nutritional products that meet the needs of all athletes. Its product line includes Manuka Sport Energy Gels, and Manuka Sport Hydration + Energy powder mix.

Manuka Sport products are independently tested and certified for Methylglyoxal levels to the ISO17025 standard and are verified free of banned substances and ingredients for elite athletes as  verified by Informed-Choice, which assures that all products are made to the highest quality standards.

“Mother Nature has given us the amazing gift of Manuka Honey,” Buckley said. “Manuka Sport has captured the perfect balance of taste, nutrition, and energy by incorporating Manuka Honey, a natural form of carbohydrates made by bees, into its performance-endurance products.” Buckley said pure Manuka Honey has it all.

“It is an entirely natural, vegetarian-friendly super food that’s a great source of fuel for all types of sport,” he said. “Free of artificial ingredients, dense with a balance of glucose and fructose, and consumed straight or as part of a protein mixture, it is the ideal carbohydrate source.”

“As we like to say at Manuka Sport: ‘Bee fit, bee different and bee at your best’,” he said.

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