Living alone in a big city – Steps on how you can stay satisfied

Living alone in a big city

Urban loneliness is no longer a myth – it is a reality and in big cities, away from home, people are trying to live their dreams, but at the same time, they are struggling to find happiness in all the loneliness. Living alone can potentially lead to anxiety, dread and visions of loneliness.

However, in this article, we take a look at a few of the ways in which we can try to overcome the reversals and focus better on the job at hand.

Build better social contact
Perhaps one of the easiest ways to overcome the solitude is to build a wide social network and know and visit more places. Have more conversations with people in a safe environment. So, the best places could be coffee shops, co-working spaces, gyms or group fitness workouts. Put yourself out there and overcome the loneliness, mingle and know more people.

Build a great home to get back to
Build a great and comfortable home to get back to – build a corner in your room where you can unwind. There is always a need to switch off and get tuned to the challenges in hand. You live alone, design your home such that you need no company and you have enough space to do as you please.

Invite your friends
Yes, you live alone, yes, you need your space, but, there is no reason why you cannot invite friends and socialise. Spend time with them, talk and socialise through the night and try developing bonds relationships and eventually you might not be as alone.

Always have a hobby
You will always be busy with work, always be occupied with responsibilities and but you need to take out time to factor in a hobby, an interest which will help you switch off from the daily jostles. Running, cooking, outdoor sport – all these could interest you and hence, help you beat the loneliness.

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