New Delhi: As the winter season is at its peak, going to the gym and working out becomes an uphill task. You feel reluctant to leave the blanket and step out in the morning. It becomes a big battle for people who are fitness freak. A number of excuses hover in the mind for not leaving the bed. However, working out in winters is a must as during this season, we are more prone to gaining weight. The frosty weather deters people to hit the gym and reduce physical activities.

Here, we bring some tips for you that will help you stick to your gym plans even during harsh winters.

Choose a New Workout

Our body and mind are reluctant to do the workout in winters, so bring on something new in your gym regime. New exercises will excite you to spend more time in the gym. Also, there are some exercises that are not very comfortable in the winters. Like, running becomes difficult in freezing temperatures. You can include some dance-based exercise instead. Yoga poses, Tai-Chi, Zumba, or Pilates are also some of interesting workout options.

Outdoor Sports

If you don’t want to go to the gym for workout due to the dip in temperature, outdoor sports can be a very good option for you. Football, Badminton, Cricket or Basketball, you have a plethora of options to choose from. Sports can be a super healthy alternative. Working out while playing will give you extra pleasure and motivation to leave your house and work out every day.

Set Goals

Making a New Year resolution of losing weight will motivate you to continue workout in the winter season. The resolution to stay fit and shed the extra fat will push you to meet your fitness goals. So, set your goals, decide your target weight and just get going.

Find Gym Partner

Finding a workout buddy can be a very good idea as your counterpart will keep you pushing to meet your health commitment. And this is vice-versa; your partner will also get the same benefits. Whenever you are reluctant to go to the gym, your buddy will give you a push. You can be each other’s guide and motivate each other regardless of the chilly weather.

Make Plan B

In case the weather is too adverse, keep a Plan B ready. Keep some light gym equipment at home so that if you fail to hit the gym, you can continue at home. You can also do some cardio like skipping, jumping jack, squats and on the spot jogging, etc., to make up for the lost time. You can also follow online exercise routines, especially when you are bound to stay at home or when you are traveling.

Observe Progress

Since winter is not very suitable for workouts, you need to find some motivating factors. One of them is observing your progress. You should tap every progress and note it down so that you derive inspiration and can focus on the positive sides. Good progress will help you to counter the reluctance.

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