Have bad eating habits? Worry not, incorporate these changes to have life-improving changes

As per new research, adding food and vegetables to the diet is one sure way of curbing heart disease. Well, it also elucidates that this practice can help you overcome any previously held bad food habits can be overcome if the aforementioned change is incorporated.

“Not all plant-based diets are equal, but boosting the intake of high-quality plant-based foods over time lowers the risk of death even among people who started off with poor-quality diets,” explains the study’s lead author, Megu Y Baden, from the Harvard TH Chan School of Public Health.

While previous studies show that a diet which includes plant-based foods reduce the risk of diabetes and heart disease, this new research has taken it to another level by suggesting that any positive or negative change can influence their lives, irrespective of how they ate in the past.

The aforementioned study took into cognizance nearly 48,000 women and 26,000 men with an average age of 64. None of them had any history of heart disease or cancer. During the next 12-years, the death rate from all the case saw a remarkable drop by almost 10 per cent for the people who added the most fruit, vegetable, and whole grains to their diet.

“Over a period of time, consuming more whole grains, fruits, vegetables, while decreasing your intake of refined grains, sweets and desserts, and animal foods such as animal fat meat, and miscellaneous animal-based foods, may lower your risk of death from heart disease and other causes,” Baden further added.

Some of the significant changes incorporated by the people include:

  • Shunting out all forms of refined grains and replacing them with whole grains
  • Chuck out one sugary drink every day
  • Adding one fruit with every meal every day
  • Best exercises for different age groups – All in one place

The importance of exercise and physical activity on the human body is so well-document that it does not need even a single line of explanation. A body which is mobile, on the move and well-exercised is far well-equipped to deal with type 2 diabetes, and even a few types of cancers.

However, one needs to identify the age group and identify the different types of exercises accordingly. We have tried to collate what one should at different times in their lives.


The phase when bones, ligaments, and muscle grow, this is the phase when children should be encouraged to go out, run, play, swim, take part in several outdoor activities to keep the body in shape and motion. One hour of ‘exercise’ should be the norm and nothing should be flexible, but more about them going out and having fun.

Teens and 20s:

The best phase of the body, when the reaction times are the fastest and the VO2 is at its peak – which is the maximum rate at which the body can pump oxygen to muscles. It is only downhill from this phase, but one needs to step out and exercise to minimize the decline as much as possible.

This is when the focus should be on to build lean muscle mass. If you are a person who is into exercising and gymming, this is when you should divide your session into different segments. Include high-intensity sessions, strength training, lots of cardio sessions and different sports.

Entering the 30s:

Yes, the phase when things tend to stagnate and slow down, responsibilities increase, wear and tear surfaces – which is why cardiovascular activities should take prominence to decrease the pace of slowing down. Decrease the sessions of sitting down at one place, use the feet as much as possible, and avoid the junk which is available out there.

High-intensity cardio sessions which increase the heartbeat are an absolute must, it should be short, sharp, and very effective. 20 minutes of treadmill, cross trainer, cycling etc., should be the norm every day.

In the 40s and 50s:

The phase when people start putting on weight rather rapidly. Include resistance training and compliment it by running, moving and be mobile. A lot of core exercises should be incorporated to build a strong base and guard against back pain, which is a regular occurrence at this age.

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