Frequent consumption of coffee? Researchers have great news for you

A recent study has found that consumption of coffee can improve bowel movement as it leads to changes in gut bacteria and also leads to improved abilities of intestines to contract. In a research which was conducted on rats, it was revealed that coffee suppressed bacteria and led to muscle mobility.
“When rats were treated with coffee for three days, the ability of the muscles in the small intestine to contract appeared to increase,” said Xuan-Zheng Shi, associate professor in internal medicine at the University of Texas Medical Branch, Galveston.
The study also found out that the growth of bacteria and other microbes in around the faecal matter in a petri dish was suppressed with a solution of 1.5 per cent coffee, and growth of microbes was even lower as the composition of coffee grew in the solution.
Not only this, even decaffeinated coffee had a similar effect on the microbiome. Since this study was conducted on rats, it showed that muscles in lower intestines and colons of rats contracted after the consumption of coffee. Also, there was coffee stimulated contractions which took place in the small intestines when muscle tissues were exposed to coffee directly in the lab.
This could well mean that coffee as a drink can be great after post-operative constipation, or ileus, in which the intestines stop functioning after abdominal surgery, as per the authors. All the aforementioned effects are not entirely dependent on the caffeine content as caffeine-free coffee had similar effects as regular coffee, Shi informed during the Digestive Disease Week (DDW) 2019.
Not only this but according to a 2013 study by Harvard’s School of Public Health found that people who drink a minimum of two to three cups of caffeinated coffee daily reduce their suicide risk by 45 per cent — primarily because caffeine’s stimulant effect helps boost people’s moods and keep them more alert.

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