Feeling anxious in office? Follow these steps to get the best out of yourself

anxious in office

Be office ready! 

In this constant hustle and rat-race of meeting targets and always being on the run has become the normal routine; being anxious is more like a norm rather than an exception. And then there is always the scenario of work-places being toxic where there is no proper mode of communication, constant infringements of privacy, and other factors which only lead to an increase in anxiety.

Also, if the roles and targets are not properly defined, one tends to float around with no sense of purpose and this leads to anxiety and a sense of helplessness.

Hence, one needs to find out ways and means to get over this and work around the plethora of problems which exist in an office space.

Build a connect

The first priority should be to connect with people around and get to know them. Start conversing, build relationships by asking very simple questions and try to be cooperative in whichever way possible. Also, try to help them and ask for help whenever the situation does arise.

Define your role

One often tends to hesitate in asking simple questions and this leads to a lot of grey space which does not have any solutions. Hence, never be too hesitant in asking simple questions if it offers clarity in what you are doing and your role in the organization. Always be clear about what the company expects of you and a clear mode of communication is an essential tool for the same.

Set and achieve smart goals

It is good to throw a challenge, but then people often overestimate themselves and put undue pressure which then leads to a lot of nervousness and tension. Hence, do challenge yourself, but keep the deadlines realistic which can be achieved. Having said this, be prepared to chip in whenever there is an emergency and it will also make you an important member of the side.

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