Did you know about these orgasmic disorders?

Orgasms are a lot like food: while some may be healthy and good for your strength, others may be quite bad for you.

For some women, orgasm can be quite complicated assuming that they are having too many of them, while others do not leave such a great reaction. Take a look at some orgasmic reactions women tend to face.

The orgasmic headache

Officially known as headaches with sexual activity or coital cephalgia, these occur just before or during an orgasm, and can either feel like your head is in a vice or as a sudden explosion of pain. The condition often goes away without treatment, but you should see your doctor since it can be a sign of a serious problem, like low blood pressure.

The non-vaginal orgasm

There’s at least one case of “Foot Orgasm Syndrome” in the books, and experts are looking for more cases. It’s pretty much exactly what it sounds like: One poor soul reported feeling spontaneous orgasms in her left foot. Her doctors believed there were some crossed wires in her nervous system (the nerves for the foot and the nerves for your genitals enter the spinal cord at a very similar point).

Painful orgasm

This usually goes hand in hand with painful sex and is another condition that should be checked out. It could be caused by an infection, an injury, or another pelvic issue like endometriosis.

Non- stop orgasm

Constant orgasms might sound good, but women who’ve had the condition, known as Persistent Genital Arousal Disorder, say it’s pretty much hell. The slightest clitoral pressure—from wearing tight jeans, riding in a car, or just sitting—can set off hours or even days of non-stop arousal and orgasms, that can sometimes become painful.

Sneeze gasm

Sexually-induced sneezes are a thing. They occur when someone sneezes whenever they’re turned on, having sex, or climaxing. Scientists think it happens when some wires in your autonomic nervous system, which regulates arousal, get crossed; it’s also possible that people with this problem have some erectile tissue in their nasal passages.

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