Come summer, here’s how you can save your skin from sunburns

Time to make SPF your new best friend

Summers aren’t really the best of time in most of the cities in India. If you are not travelling with the right suited SPF, your skin often ends red, or develops blisters due to overexposure to the UV rays and it can sometimes get painful.

Here are some tips on how to avoid sunburns:

Drink plenty of water

Sunburn can cause dehydration (as can a day in the sun) because fluids are drawn to the skin surface and away from the rest of the body. So drink a lot of water throughout the day and the days after—enough that your pee looks more clear than yellow.

Remember to take a cold shower

When your skin is on fire, the last thing you want to do is expose it to hot water. Taking hot showers can strip your skin of essential oils, which can dry it out even further and make it more sensitive. Rinsing off with cool water, on the other hand, provides immediate relief.

Apply moisturizing lotion for relief

While your skin is still wet from the shower, apply a moisturizing lotion to provide instant sun relief. Do this several times throughout the day, for several days, until your burn has healed.

Just don’t peel your skin off

Severe sunburns tend to leave your skin blistering or peeling—ouch (and ugh). Do everything you can to resist the urge to prick.

Seek Shelter from the Sun

Stating the obvious, it’s always better to step out when the rays are not so strong.

And if you have blistering on large parts of your body, see the doctor ASAP.

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