Bhramari Pranayama Breathing Technique To Calm Down Thoughts

New Delhi: There is chaos and rush all around us as far as our sight goes. Everyone is running in a cat race. Life is so fast paced that we often forget to standby and soak in the beauty of nature. Actually, busy lifestyle gives no time to reset the game. It is not a surprise that we often tend to internalize stress. It is said that mental health is nothing but a reflection of the outer atmosphere.

We often hear about how mental disease – ‘depression’ is targeting the masses. In such a scenario, everyone needs inner peace which becomes rare as people are stuck in the materialistic pleasures.

However, achieving inner peace is not tough. Simplifying life is one of the steps to experience tranquility. Meanwhile, there are some easy steps that we can imbibe and control the thought process to usher inner peace in life. Once you get success to guide your flow of thoughts, you will get inner peace. Here are some tips to help you achieve your goal.

Set Limits

Human desire seldom ends so if you want peace, set some limits. Make a list of priorities and remove the least important things that do not matter to you. Limitation in checking inboxes, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter etc., can also help you. Include yourself in long walks, music, yoga, meditation, or going for a swim and witness the difference.

Ignore Small Issues

Just keep calm and believe you can do it. You did not make the world, so things will not always go as per your wishes. Start avoiding small issues. This will help you to eliminate a lot of unnecessary stress.

Ask These Questions to Yourself

Am I the only person who has problems? Is someone on the planet facing worse conditions than me right now? Will this matter in 5 years from now? Undoubtedly, the answers to these questions will relieve you from stress.

Slow Down

Life is not a race. There are no winners or losers. Life is a game, play it while enjoying every moment. It is alright to slow down, take a deep breath, and live every moment to the fullest.

De-clutter Your World, Un-clutter Your Mind

External factors matter in terms of peace of mind. If you live in a cluttered room or work at messed up desk, de-clutter it as soon as possible. Clean surrounding relaxes your mind keeps it calm, and makes you more efficient.

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