An egg a day may keep cardiovascular diseases, suggests new study conducted in China

If an apple a day can keep the doctor away, an egg a day can also do the same. A new study conducted in China has shown that eating an egg every day lowers the risk of cardiovascular diseases.

According to the study, it was found that people who eat eggs daily had an 18 per cent lower risk of losing their lives from cardiovascular diseases. The research has been published in the famous journal Heart.

The study has come as a revelation since it has always been believed that eating eggs may also lead to an increase in cholesterol even when they contain high quality protein and other useful nutrients. Doctors also warn their patients to stay away from eating too many eggs.

One of the authors of the research Canqing Yu says that the existing studies on the association between eating eggs and cardiovascular diseases can not be trusted easily as they had been conducted with the help of small sample size and limited information.

According to Yu, the studies that have been done in China over the past few years have only revealed limited evidence since they had been conducted on people with different dietary habits, lifestyle, behaviours and disease patterns.

The above-mentioned reasons lead Yu and his fellow researchers to conduct a new study to investigate the relationship between eating eggs and cardiovascular diseases. According to the study, while around 13 per cent adults between the age 30 and 79 said that they consumed an egg every day, 9 per cent said that they had never eaten eggs or ate eggs very rarely. Almost all the people also mentioned that they ate chicken eggs and not duck eggs.

The research team monitored these people for a long period of nine years and focused on major coronary events during this time period. Yu also suggests that one of the leading causes of death in China were cardiovascular diseases and almost half the deaths in the country are caused due to such diseases.

“Stroke, including haemorrhagic and ischemic stroke, is the first cause of premature death, followed by ischemic heart disease,” Yu was quoted as saying by CNN.

The researchers found that in order to stay safe and prevent cardiovascular diseases, it was better to eat an egg a day than not eating one.

The research suggests that participants who consumed one egg daily had a 26 per cent lower risk of haemorrhagic stroke, which is more common in China than other developed nations. It also says that egg eaters also enjoy a 12% reduced risk of ischemic heart disease.

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