Addicted to coffee? Read about these health impediments


When we say excess of anything is bad, it applies to coffee too. On the one end, the caffeine in coffee acts as a stimulant to the central nervous system which helps in keeping you on your toes, it also is extremely addictive and this prevents you from abandoning the cup.


So how much coffee is good enough?

As per nutritionist Shikha Gupta, “up to 200 mg of caffeine or two cups of coffee a day is absolutely safe.” She also goes on to say that one must always take into account the caffeine intake from other drinks as well, which includes tea, colas, and energy beverages.

One of the biggest myths around coffee is that it is healthy. Well, it is not. It does not have any macronutrients and hence is not responsible for any major health benefits. However, it does have high traces of potassium and has traces of sodium, and is without any additional calories – except, of course, added milk, creamer and sugar.

People also resort to coffee to shed extra weight. Nutritionists are not entirely convinced. “Caffeine is an appetite suppressant and excessive consumption leads to muscle loss, instead of the fat breakdown that most people are looking for. In the long term, this unhealthy muscle loss will affect overall health.” says nutritionist Shikha Gupta.


Which is the biggest health impediment for coffee consumers?

As per different studies, excess consumption leads to acidity, digestive issues, high anxiety levels, and in many cases, insomnia. “Coffee’s side effects are unpredictable and can be difficult to trace. If you are below 25 or above 40, it is best to avoid coffee and instead opt for decaf or tea,” says dietician Niyati Likhite.

“If you have been diagnosed with ovarian cysts, you should steer clear of caffeine because it stimulates oestrogen production,” Gupta goes on to add further.

Do you think you can let go of coffee? Let us know!

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