Workplace Stress and Burnout: Three Myths and How to Overcome them

workplace stress

Overworking, Workplace Stress and Burnout, These are some of the main reasons for falling standards of mental health among professionals. Cut throat competition among employees at the same workplace and little organisational support can lead to poor health in employees, both physical and psychological.

The current fast paced corporate culture is leading nowhere but directly to burnout in employees. This makes them more ambiguous, they start making more mistakes which results in anxiety and poor mental health.


Here Are Three Myths Associated With It –

Myth 1: Workplace Stress and Burnout Are Personal which should be handled personally

There is no denying the fact that a certain level of positive stress is needed for motivation and better performance and it is also true that everybody goes through some period of workplace stress. But what can be a major problem to mental health of employees is the structural stress at workplace.

When this structural stress reaches a chronical limit it leads to burnout, which is a well researched and serious stress syndrome. Resulting in poor performance and ill health.


Myth 2: Stress is individual and you cannot separate stress in the workplace

The idea that says, Stress is totally dependant on individual and personal issues, and workplace plays no role in the development of stress, is an absolute myth. Some organisations not only question but also explicitly states that stress is an individual’s mental health issue and should be ascribed to them personally and their own personal psycho-social issues are responsible for the stress.

Mindfulness, compassion and EQ training can be used to lower the chances of workplace stress and burnout, provide employers with a good return on their investments.


Myth 3: Workplaces need to focus more on physical well being

Current infrastructure of workplaces focus a lot on physical well being of their employees when compared to psychological safety. No one is pointing out that companies should not focus on ensuring physical safety but some of recent research shows psychological safety, prevention and identification of people at high risk is vastly underestimated.

At a competitive workplace, employees are at a bigger risk of workplace stress and burnout then twisting their ankle, a twisted ankle would not cost the company as much as a burnt out employee would.

Workplace stress and burnout are real and employers need to address them with Mindfulness, and compassion rather than pointing these conditions to employees personal psychological and social conditions.



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