Want to wake up fresh? Then know about these stages of sleep

sleep cycle

Sleep is a luxury we often crave for and even if get enough time to sleep, it is so disturbing that we don’t wake up fresh the next morning. Often people feel that despite sleeping enough they keep feeling lethargic. It is important here to understand that you should monitor your sleep cycle for better results of sleeping.
In order to understand your sleep cycle, you should know about these stages:

Stage One
In the first stage, a person dozes off lightly. The first stage is in which a person hovers between being awake and closing his eyes. In this stage the heartbeat is regular and this stage is also called as relaxed wakefulness. In stage one, the person is almost about to go to sleep and can be easily disrupted by noise, light or the sensation of falling while drifting in and out of sleep.

Stage Two
In this stage, your body temperature and brain activity drop. During this stage, your body slowly starts disengaging from its surroundings. It is in this stage that the body starts preparing for deep sleep. It lasts longer than stage 1 and accounts for 60 percent of your sleep.

Stage Three and Four
In these two stages, you are in deep slumber. The third and the fourth stage accounts for approximately 15 percent of your sleep and your blood pressure drops alongside your muscles. These stages are important as they help you feel more energetic post sleeping.

Stage Five
This stage is also the rapid eye movement stage (REM). It lasts for a good 90 minutes. Notably, your brain is more active during the REM stage. It is during this stage where vivid dreams come into play.

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