Unhealthy Eating Habits May Harm Gut Health; A Study Claims


The scientists recently made a discovery and found out that there was a certain depletion in the bacteria in the current generation and this depletion can be attributed to mass industrialization. Intestines are a very important part of human digestive system. Intestines not only facilitate absorption and digestion of food, they play a significant part in building the immune system in humans. The intestinal microbiome is a very complicated system which consists of an uncountable number of microorganisms and bacteria that aid in absorption of nutrients and generate energy, while protecting us from various types of viruses and harmful bacteria. Modernization of lifestyle and unhealthy eating habits have led to a big change in the functioning of the human intestinal system. Our unhealthy eating habits are forcing into a depletion in the number of bacteria.

As a matter of fact, a recent scientific study suggests that adapted dietary and hygienic habits may have led to a decrease in the bacteria “Prevotella Copri”, a common gut microbe that helps  digestion.

The gut bacteria was found in the stomach of mummy ”Otzi”- a mummy of an Iceman found in the Alps near Italian and Austrian border in year 1991,  were examined by a team of scientists from Eurac Research of the University of Trento. The findings of this examination were compared to the findings of the previous study by the university that had analyzed the genome of intestinal microorganisms of over 6,500 individuals from all continents. This previous study had already established that there is a connection between the microbiome bacterial content and modernization of our eating habits. This particular kind of bacteria helps in processing complex and vegetal fibres in the intestine.

The team of scientists attributes this depletion in the good bacteria to our unhealthy eating habits. Our newly adapted eating habits and hygiene habits are byproducts of mass industrialisation, resulting in conditions like allergies, autoimmune and gastrointestinal diseases, and obesity. Sedentary lifestyle in modern urban setting brought in changes in diet, which is relatively high in fat and low in fibre.The new hygiene habits and these factors may have contributed to upset the delicate balance of human intestinal microbiome, which could cause digestive issues.

The final finding of this study was published in the journal “Universita di Trento”.

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