This is Real: Post-travel depression is a reality! Here’s how you can deal with it

Post-travel depression is a reality

Everyone wants a vacation to take a break from our boring lives, but nobody wants an end to a vacation. We always tend to get sad when our trip comes to an end. Trust us, post-vacation blues are real and some studies have revealed that many people experience severe mood swings after returning from a vacation. This is often referred to as PTD, which means post-travel depression.

Christmas and New Year are approaching and we are sure many of you must be in a vacation mode; we really hope that you enjoy your holidays and don’t fall into PTD. Here’s how to fight the post-vacation blues:

Plan your trip with extra days
Before you finalise your plans for the trip, it is very important that you keep a day or two as a buffer. By doing so, you can come out of the trip hangover. If you come back and directly get back into your daily schedule then arechances are that you might go into post-travel depression.

Organise your wardrobe
In order to distract yourself from the thought of your trip, you must start with unpacking your bags upon returning. Unpacking and rearranging your wardrobe will take up a huge chunk of your time and will keep you busy and save from the post-vacation blues.

Take rest
Trips can be exhausting, so it is very important that you take proper rest after the holidays are over. Good sleep will ensure that you remain in a relaxed state.

Look at photographs
If you want to keep your mind happy, just go through the photos you clicked during the trip. Revisiting the trip photos will make you relive the experience and you’ll find yourself happy, giggly and amused. Also, it is important that you spend time with your closed ones to avoid over-thinking and keeping your mind calm and composed.

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