Stomach manufacturing beer! This 46-year-old man’s stomach could brew beer

Stomach beer

This is an extremely rare occurrence


Back in 2014, a 46-year old man was booked for drunk driving and they found that he was five times over the limit. Also, he had an extremely rare condition called ‘Auto Brewery Syndrome’ (ABS).

As per a Daily Mail report, the man was diagnosed with the condition in 2017 after he
saw a specialist at Richmond University Medical Center in New York. It was found out that the man had high levels of fungus Saccharomyces cerevisiae in his gut – this fungus is also called the brewer’s yeast because it is used to convert the carbohydrates present in food grains to alcohol.

This is an extremely rare occurrence as in the last 30 years, only five cases of the condition have been reported. Also, the aforementioned man is now cured and is now all symptom-free. He was prescribed probiotics, different anti fungal medication and also had to follow a strict diet in order to get rid and expunge the fungus from the gut.


Auto-brewery syndrome (ABS) causes people to feel intoxicated which then never allows them to perform simple tasks. It generally happens owing to yeast accumulating in the intestines after the sufferer ingests sugar.

So, it basically occurs when a sufferers’ yeast in their intestines grow out of control, possibly following a course of antibiotics. It may also be caused owing to abnormal enzymes in the liver.

Any person at any stage can suffer from this and it is so rare that there are no rules to prevent it. However, anyone of any age can suffer from the syndrome.

Hence, all we say is avoid sugar and carbohydrates as it could help control symptoms, as well as frequently monitor the blood’s alcohol content.

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