Skipping rope is often misunderstood as a normal warm up but if one goes deeper,
then one will find that it offers more than just to warm a body, moreover, it
provides an overall and all-round body exercise targeting the core, limbs, chest,
gluts, and many more.

Skipping can be performed in more than one way and in different frequencies .It
strengthens both the upper body and lower body including improvement in hand
eye coordination thus enhancing the coordinative abilities of a person. It is a space
and money-saving exercise which require the least equipment and if performed
regularly, with proper techniques, it will guarantee better results which are much
more effective than the other home workout as it does not train a particular part
but trains the whole body.

But one thing must be kept in mind that it takes a slow start of about 50 to 100
skips a day but increases up to 500 to 600 a day after regular practice and people
with a medical history of any joint-related problem should avoid doing this as it
puts the maximum strain on the joints while performing it and could turn out to
be painful and drastic.

If you’re unused to regular skipping, focus initially on your technique so that you
can skip continuously rather than in a stop-start fashion. New skippers frequently
jump too high, resulting in them tiring very quickly, whereas in reality you only
need to lift your feet a few centimeters off the ground each time the rope passes.
Focus on a ‘twirling’ action from the wrists rather than from the shoulder, keeping
all your movements light and quick. Although at first, your action may not seem
very smooth, your coordination will improve rapidly and you will be able to skip

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