Signs you might be suffering from hearing loss

Just like any other organ in our body, ears are also important. However, most of us don’t take proper care of the ear and skip our ENT appointments thinking it is not a big deal. Just to make it clear, hearing loss is a process that happens gradually over a period of time and not overnight. Periodic visits to the doctor are important and if you feel any of the following symptoms, then you probably are proceeding towards hearing loss. Here’s a look at those symptoms:

‘Ringing in the ears’

If there’s a constant ringing or buzzing inside the ears then it is a visible sign that you might be in the earliest stages of hearing loss. According to an Indian Express report, the experts suggest that this feeling becomes frequent over a period of time if not treated timely. The buzzing sound is an indicator of nerve damage inside the ear. Causes for it could be listening to music on high volume, especially on earphones or headphones.

Do you stumble often?

Notably, our ears keep the body’s balance and when there is hearing loss, it is natural that you may find yourself tripping, stumbling or being clumsy. Ear canals send signals to the brain to keep the balance and if you feel that you are losing your balance often then there could be something wrong inside your ear.

Loud noises bother you the most?

There’s no doubt that loud noises are quite annoying, but it should not cause pain in your ears. If the movement of trains, buses or even cars causes pain in your ears, then chances are that you might be losing your hearing power. Next time if you have any such pain because of loud sounds, make sure that you visit an ENT doctor ASAP!

Keep forgetting things

If you keep forgetting things or get inattentive, then it could be a sign of hearing loss. As a person ages, they experience a mental decline which is indicated by hearing loss. A study found that among 2,000 people over the age of 70, people who had a hearing problem had a faster mental decline over a period of six years, than those whose hearing was better.

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