Here’s why you should cut down on your salt intake

salt intake

Often it advised that one should use less salt in their food. This advice is for all, as some people think it is only for high blood pressure patients. We should realise that if we eat more salt, then we are ourselves inviting many serious diseases.

Not many know that salt contributes to the soaking of water in your body. This puts a greater burden on your heart and blood vessels. It can also cause bowel cancer, kidney disease, kidney stones, headaches and swelling. You should immediately cut down on your salt intake if you are consuming it in large quantities. Here’s how you can cut it down:

Read the labels

It is important that you must develop a habit of reading food labels. When you buy processed food such as chips or other snacks, make sure you are reading the nutritional value on the packet, as that will have the information on salt. It is advised to keep salt consumption under 2,300 mg or less a day.

Use spices

Spices add that extra taste to the food. You can use spices to taste. You can use chili flakes or black pepper for increased flavour and not use extra salt. If a recipe calls for a pinch of salt, you can replace it with onion powder, garlic powder, black pepper and nutmeg.

Use Herb Salt

Herbs like coriander, parsley, mint, ajwain, green leaves of ajwain, and basil can be used to prepare it. The herb salt ensures that you get that taste of salt in food, but also minimises health risks.

Say no to canned foods

You should make your food by yourself and avoid consuming canned foods as there’s too much salt in it. Excessive salt is used in canned foods because it acts as a preservative. Preparing your own food is the best way to control the amount of sodium in the food

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