Here’s why you should change your pillows


Everyone wants to have a good night’s sleep. However, a good and tight sleep is becoming difficult to get in today’s day and age, and sometimes the reason might not be your stress but your bed and pillows. Yes you read that right, do you remember the last time you upgraded your mattresses and pillows? If you don’t remember that then probably it is time to replace them as your pillow houses the bacteria that we cannot even see. Sometimes old pillows and mattresses are also responsible for your neck and back pain. So if you have the flowing symptoms then get yourself a set of new mattresses and pillows:

Neck or a back pain
Despite a good sleep, if you are waking up with an aching neck then it is time to say goodbye to your pillow. This happens because your pillow has lost its firmness and bounce.

The pillow has lumps
If there are lumps on your pillow then it is time to get a new one. Lumpy pillows can lead to shoulder pain and headaches. If you are thinking which pillow would be better for you then you can choose a pillow with springy memory foam, it will help you avoid spine problems.

If your pillow is losing colour then you should immediately get rid of them. The reason behind this is because if your pillow is turning yellow it means that the bacteria and mould on it are starting to grow.

It has begun to smell
Smelly pillows can be very unhygienic for you and can also cause insomnia because it is very difficult to sleep when your pillow is spreading bad odour. Don’t be lazy to change pillows, especially if they smell. Nowadays pillows are not very expensive so if you have less money, then that is no more a problem.

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