Here’s how you can use body fat to reduce weight

body fat to lose weight

Weight loss is not an easy task. The first challenge in losing weight is to tackle the fat distribution in the body. Although it is said that a good weight loss strategy is to go for a good diet and workout in the gym, but a common mistake that people make is of ignoring one specific type of body fat. This slows down your weight loss journey.

Not many know that our bodies have a special kind of fat and it is only found in small amount which is capable of speeding up calorie burn. It helps in boosting your metabolism and will help you in reducing weight faster.

The only battle remains that you have to ‘activate’ it to make it work.

What is this fat?

Our bodies are made up of fat cells and the most common is white cells. It deposits around the bellies, stomach and thighs. These are the areas which are targeted while slimming down. Unlike white cells, there is one type of fat – brown fat, which burns calories.

Studies suggest that brown fat is capable of producing three hundred times more heat than other fat-burning cells. So if you are looking for a speedy way to burn up fat you can optimize brown fat in the body.

You can speed up weight loss by using brown fat and you can do it by exposing the body to cold temperatures.

Why cold temperature?

According to a report in Times of India, cold temperatures charge your brown fat. It also stabilizes your metabolism.

If not cold temperature, you can follow a low-carb and high-protein diet to activate brown fat. This will optimize weight loss.

So the next time you make a resolution to reduce weight, go for activating the brown fat and see how magical results you will get and help you in getting a good body shape.

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