Hello! Factors that affect your hearing and you’ll be really shocked to know them

Factors affect hearing

Loss of hearing can be painful for anyone, especially if you are perfectly fit and fine. Not many give importance to ears and don’t bother to get it checked from time to time. It is important that you must know that ears are directly linked to your health; if you’re not getting them checked regularly then you must know about things that cause potential harm to your ears. Here is a list of them.

Loud music
Even our smartphones tell us this, but we don’t pay any heed towards it. Loud music is the most basic reason for hearing loss. If your ears begin to ring after listening to loud music, then it is a sign that you must be heading towards a hearing loss. Prolonged exposure to loud music affects your hearing power. You will be shocked to learn that ear pods are more harmful to your ears because they rest deep inside the ear.

Blow dryers
Who doesn’t like to use the dryers? But what we don’t observe is that the machine produces high decibels of noise and is always hovering around our ears. Using blow dryers puts you at risk for hearing loss and experts believe that the longer you use a blow dryer, the riskier it becomes.

Your commute
Not many know that public transport can also affect your hearing power. Many cities in the world are very loud like Delhi and Mumbai. The noise produced along with public transport can hurt your ear so it would be better that you cover your ears in order to avoid the blowing horns all over.

Pain relievers
Pain relievers help you in reducing the pain, but it has its own set of side effects. If you take pain relievers often then it can affect your hearing power badly, so only consume it when you badly need it.

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