Creating a healthy daily routine may be a simple yet effective method to build consistency when it involves your health. Not only does your daily routine impact your overall health, but it’s an immediate impact on your stress levels, sleep habits and eating patterns. Everything from what you are doing very first thing within the morning to what you are doing last in the dark plays a task in your overall health.

  1. Wake up Early

Alright, you don’t need to rise and shine with the sun every morning, but awakening at an honest (early) hour is important for optimal health. The physical body and brain have evolved to follow a biological time that helps to manage sleep and wake patterns that are set by our natural environment, specifically the rising and setting of the sun. This is one of the best healthy habits one can develop.

  1. Drink Water before anything

Staying hydrated is significant for our health and although we’ve heard it repeatedly, it’s often overlooked. Our bodies are 60% water and not drinking enough water can cause quite just dehydration. Although it’s imperative to drink water throughout the day, one among the simplest (and easiest) times to drink water is very first thing within the morning.

  1. Spend Time Outside

Getting fresh air on a daily basis is one among the simplest ways to enhance your overall health. Exposure to the sun enables the body to supply vitamin D, which has been shown to possess many essential functions within the body. Deficiency in vitamin D has been linked to fatigue, weakened system, bone and back pain, low mood and depression.

Although it is often tempting to vary everything directly, focusing on small habits and doing them on a day to day basis is the best way to develop good habits for long term.

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