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Plants add value and freshness to our homes, especially now that we’ve to spend a maximum amount of your time living indoors – they’re truly our mates. Just got some potted plants home and you have no knowledge about plant care? Here are a couple of tips which will assist you to take care of your new house buddies!

Water Profoundly

We have always believed in the concept that the more the better. But plants do not have this concept within themselves. Plants should be given adequate amount of water, neither less nor more. Well, then how can we know if it’s sufficient or not? That depends upon the character of your plant. Before choosing a replacement plant confirm you research its origins. This may assist you understand the wants of that plant and efficient plant care. Also, it’s better to water thoroughly instead of being nonchalant and frequent about it.

Prune Them Up!

You should make sure you trim your plants regularly. The way we trim our hair to form sure that they stay healthy, within the same way – we should always trim our potted plants on a routine basis and this is a part of the plant care routine. You would like to urge obviate the old-growth on your plant, this may allow new growth to require place. The heading cuts stimulate regrowth whereas the thinning cuts are best for maintaining woody plants.

Understanding Habitat

You must research the native of your plant; it’ll become easier for you to take care of your plants keeping in mind about few important things about the plant like soil, humidity, temperature, water and nutrient requirement. These being the fundamentals, you ought to create a stable environment which will benefit the expansion and well being of the plant. Sometimes due to our busy schedules, we tend to overlook minute things like – the sunshine in our house! But that ray of sunshine makes an enormous difference within the lifetime of your tiny house plant. Hence, confirm to know the natural habitat of plants. This is a part of your plant care.

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