Dusting hacks that’ll make your life much easier

Dusting hacks

Even if you have decorated your house in the best way possible, the only thing that can ruin all your efforts is the dust settled in your house like on fans, decoration items and other furniture. Dusting is an important aspect when it comes to keeping your house look beautiful; however, it is not only important but tedious too. Most of us either don’t get time or are too lazy to deep clean the house and as a result, you often stand embarrassed when guests visit you at your home.
So if you want to save yourselves from embarrassment the next time, read these clever hacks that will make your life super easy when it comes to dusting.

1. Apply wax
Appliances attract a lot of dust and it doesn’t matter even if you keep cleaning them with sprays. No matter what you do, the dust will settle on them again and again. So the life-changing hack to stop this trouble is to apply wax on these appliances. Cleaner wax forms a layer on the surface and that will prevent the dust from settling on it. This hack will keep your appliances dust-free for long and will also maintain the shine of the product.

2. Use socks
This is one of the most popular hacks across the world when it comes to dusting. So whenever you are dusting the next time, use old chenille or woollen sock over your dusting mop and start dusting. The heavy cloth will absorb dust easily and doesn’t spread like when we do with a normal cotton cloth.

3. Wear woollen sock
If you feel that dusting harms your hands, then wear a woollen sock on your hand. This will help in close-cleaning and will also keep your hands safe and tidy. You can wash the sock later once it holds enough dust.

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