Cancer starts with changes in one cell or a small group of cells. This is because
cells produce signals to control how much and how often the cells divide. If any of
these signals are faulty or missing, cells may start to grow and multiply too much
and form a lump called a tumor.
Sadly, cancer has no cure. But successful treatment can result in cancer going into
remission, which means that all signs of it have gone. The early detection and
treatment of cancer can significantly improve the chances of remission and a
person's outlook. The incidence of cancer and cancer types is influenced by
many factors such as age, gender, race, local environmental factors, diet, and
genetics. Consequently, the incidence of cancer and cancer types vary depending
on these variable factors. Surprisingly there are some lifestyle-related factors that
can help you stay away from cancer. Lifestyle-related factors that cause cancer
 tobacco
 alcohol
 UV radiation in sunlight
 some food-related factors
India is already facing so many problems with the coming cases of coronavirus
patients and also from the death of the two gems of Bollywood, Rishi Kapoor and
Irfan Khan and that too the reason for their death was cancer. So why add up
on such a list? Start taking care of yourself! It’s obvious you cannot help your cells
behave abnormally or your genes but you can help yourself by changing your
lifestyle in a way that’s positive and can help you be out of such dangerous
diseases. Healthy lifestyles can prevent cancer. Everyone should exercise regularly
and have a varied diet. People need to eat plenty of plant products and fiber, and
only very little red meat and saturated fat. Things to avoid are smoking, drinking
, and too much exposure to the sun. You can take better care of yourself too by
having regular medical check-ups and take part in organized cancer screenings.
So start practicing these things and take care of yourself!

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