Brain Cancer : Air Pollution Can Increase The Chances By 10%

Brain Cancer

If you are planning about moving to a place that has a higher level of air pollution than this might be interesting for you, according to a recent study air pollution can increase the risk of brain cancer by 10%. The study further added that moving from a quiet place to busy places can also be responsible for increased risk of brain cancer.

Some highlights of the study –

● Scientists have delved into the effects of ultra-fine particles – tiny pollutants

● Data showed a clear link between high exposure to UFPs and brain tumours

● The study analysed medical records of 2million adults between 1991 and 2016

A research conducted by McGill University researchers on the effects of ultra-fine particles, tiny pollutants mainly emitted by road traffic showed that the effect of these tiny particles can increase the risk of brain cancer by 10%.

When researchers looked into the daily UFP ranges of Montreal, Toronto and surrounding areas, the results varied from 6,000/cm3 to 97,000/cm3. Lead author of the study Dr Scott Weichenthal said: ‘I wouldn’t expect the nanoparticles to be any less harmful anywhere else.’

The study, published in the journal Epidemiology, analysed medical records of almost 2 million adults between 1991 and 2016. The study did not only compared the daily UFP ranges with a three-year average, other risk factors such as smoking were taken into account too.

Not only the professor Barbara Maher, of the University of Lancaster, believes that UFP can cause brain cancer, pollution experts also marked this study as important. ‘We don’t know a lot about the causes of brain tumours, so any environmental factors we can identify are helpful.’ said Dr Weichenthal calling for more research on this matter.

The World Health Organization believes that outdoor air pollution is responsible for the death of 4.2 Million people every year. It can be linked to almost every health condition, not only brain cancer but other types of cancer also.

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