Biggest happiness myths you should know

Happiness Myths

Who doesn’t want happiness in life, but do you know what real happiness is? It is an idea which we all keep chasing throughout our life. Spiritual healers say that happiness is an illusion and it is in the present and not future, but do we really pay attention towards it? The answer is no for most of us because we all running after a myth.

Experts have made a list of the biggest happiness myths that we should not believe. Here’s it is:

You might be wondering why we have written marriage in the list because it is believed that marriages provide a sizeable slice of happiness in life and it is a dream to get married, however, experts say that happiness in a marriage is temporary and after a point of time it vanishes from your life.

Dream job
Often people think that after they get selected for their dream job, they will find their life’s happiness, but what they don’t realise is that the joy of landing of their favourite job fades away with time because life becomes monotonous. And afterlife becomes monotonous, people start chasing newer levels of happiness and then get stuck in a loop.

The desire for bigger things
Owning a bigger house, car, salary package or any other big thing might be your priority in order to achieve maximum happiness, but, experts say that you are happier when you are striving towards a goal and not when you actually achieve it. Experts say that you should not leave everything in order to achieve your goal but should also enjoy small moments in life and reach your goal naturally and organically.

Most of us think that happiness is bound by age and can recede with time; however, as they say, age is just a number and fulfilling emotional experience can happen to anyone at any age. Experts say that one should use all the past memories to boost happiness and it should be done especially after reaching the age of 60.

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