Want to stay fit? Ayurveda recommends consuming these food items at night


Ayurveda has all the answers! 

Weight loss – these two words make almost everyone feel helpless. While it seems absolutely easy to maintain a strict diet and exercising regularly to some, it is close to impossible for many others. Thus, a large number of people constantly look for easy ways in which they can lose weight.

1.Low-Carb Food

If we believe the Ayurveda, consuming low-carb food at night is the way because such food is easy to digest. Also, if one has a heavy meal at night, it might disrupt the sleep which makes you jittery the next day.

2.Elixir for Digestion

Avoid consuming curd at night as it increases the level of kapha dosha and the imbalance might lead to excess mucus formation in the body. Instead, consume buttermilk as it will help in digestion.

3.Go Light at Night

One of the key factors in losing weight is to eat in moderation. Always have light dinner as it will help you in getting a peaceful sleep at night which then leads to digestion. Since the digestive system is relatively stagnant at night, a heavy meal can be harmful to the body.
Ayurveda also recommends including protein-rich food like dal, green leafy vegetables, and curry leaves in your meal at night as this helps in keeping your digestive system healthy.
Also, if you prefer drinking milk at night, make sure to boil it because warm and low-fat milk is easy to digest. Also, you can sprinkle a small amount of ginger or cardamom in the milk. As a rule, decrease the intake of salt in your diet after 7 PM as increased levels of sodium in the blood increase the risk of high blood pressure at night.

4.Spice it up

Since spices have numerous proven health benefits, try to include different types of spices in your evening meal as it increases the warmth in the body and will also help you to maintain a healthy weight.

So, try these simple steps and start your journey towards weight-loss.

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