Reality Check: How much you should drink in order to stay healthy

How much drink to stay healthy

Consuming alcohol is often considered to be cool, especially amongst the younger generation. It is believed to be a must when people start getting into a party mode. Many people believe, especially us millennials, that no party is complete without liquor consumption. Everyone has its own choice when it comes to drinking, some like beer, some want beer and some want whiskey, but one thing that remains common is that some people go overboard when drinking. If you don’t know how much you should drink, then we’ve got you covered.

Take a look at these facts:

• A study conducted by the National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) found out the harms and benefits of alcohol and its link with diseases. The researchers conducted three-year-long research for the purpose.

• Surprisingly, during the research, it was found that people should not be drinking more than 10 drinks a week. Shocked? Because many of us drink this much during a single night when partying.

• Earlier, the older studies suggested that people can have at least 2 drinks per day, but the new study keeps it at 1.4 drinks per day. So the next time you are partying make sure that you are sorted after one glass of the drink.

• However sad it may be, but the truth is the less you will drink, the lower will be your risk of alcohol-related harm. If you consume more than the recommended drinks then chances are that you will start facing health issues very soon.

• Consuming alcohol might be considered cool, but remember that the official data of the World Health Organisation (WHO) suggests that it kills 2.6 lakh, people, every year.

• Sadly, the consumption of alcohol has doubled in the past 11 years, which is not a good sign. So if you want to live longer and lead a healthy life you should not drink more than one or two drinks in a day.

• Often the college-going kids get into consuming alcohol for ‘chilling’ with friends, but you should know that the brain is developing till the age of 25 and it is important that before you turn 26, just stay away from alcohol.

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