Raw Vs Cooked: Which is healthier

New Delhi: There are certain foods that are studded with nutrients. These food items top in the purchase list. Carrots, Eggs, nuts and some other items are consumed raw as well as cooked. Have you ever wonder that those items give best nutrients at what stage? Cooked or row? There is a perception that cooking process reduces some nutrient quotients. For example- eggs can be consumed raw and cooked both but we hardly know which one is better for the health.

Here we bring essential information for the foodies as well as health conscious people-

Tomatoes: Cooked Or Raw

Tomatoes always enjoy best place on the table. People love to eat row tomatoes mixed in salad and cooked in vegetable curry. However, raw tomatoes are said to have lower lycopene levels which is an antioxidant found in red fruits. Tomatoes- pureed, fried and ketchup immediately boast of higher levels of lycopene. Though, eating raw tomatoes is also good for health as they store rich vitamin C.

Carrots: Raw Or Boiled

Foodies will be happy to know that carrots hardly lose it nutrients after cooking. They are healthy snack to on munch with a dip. But study found that they are better off cooked for all nutrients to come alive. Carrots carry beta-carotene content which is an antioxidant that is converted into vitamin A in the body, beneficial to the eyes and immune system. Cooked carrots increase the quantity of beta-carotene. And also steaming or boiling of carrots preserve more antioxidants.

Garlic And Onions: Raw Or Boiled

Garlic and onions are most important ingredients of vegetable or non-veg curry. Raw onions are also used in salad. Garlic, important member of spice, enhances the taste of boiled meal. However, study suggests that the aromat garlic used in stir fries and sauces is better eaten raw. Boiled or baked garlic loses alliinase an enzyme that helps form allicin, an active compound that that helps fight cancer. Additionally, consuming raw garlic reduces risk of developing lung cancer.  On the same line, onions too, carry the anticancer compound allicin. They have bioflavonoids (quercetin) and sulphur compounds that are extremely beneficial. Heating onions at high degree degrades the bioflavonoids. So, don’t cook them above a temperature of 120 degrees Fahrenheit.

Spinach: Raw Or Cooked

Spinach is one of the richest nutrient greens. With the presence of rich iron, eating to spinach is advised by the health experts.  Vitamin B and vitamin C, both can be reduce if spinach is cooked at high levels of heat. So, eating raw spinach is advised. However, low steamed spinach retains its nutrients.

Eggs: Raw Or Cooked

Eggs are one of the most consumed eatable items in across the world. Gym goers are advised to eat raw eggs as raw yolks are best to increase nutrient-density in the body. Consuming raw egg whites gives in only 50% of the protein absorption. Egg yolks lost nutrients under the heat.

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