Lemon, Coriander Soup – The perfect mix for weight-loss

Lemon, Coriander Soup



For us Indians, lemon is perhaps the most loved product of our daily diet – it does not only spruce up our meals but also has a number of health benefits in the longer run.  Lemon is a storehouse of vitamin C, antioxidants and minerals, and it can help boost immunity, fight free-radical damage, rejuvenate the skin and even help with weight loss!

Coriander magic

Not only lemon, there are other kitchen herbs and ingredients which also help us in weight loss. Our very own dhania is one such herb which does wonders to manage and control your weight. Coriander is one of the most ancient herbs known to mankind – it has a number of nutrients which are excellent at managing cholesterol levels.

Also, coriander has bulk of manganese, iron and magnesium and this allows revving up of metabolism – a faster metabolism helps one lose weight faster. Also, coriander is extremely low in calories and hence, can be used to make a weight-loss-friendly ingredient.

Lemon, Coriander Soup

Hence, if we now mix lemon and coriander, we get an incredible soup, which is superb in aiding weight-loss. What needs to be mentioned here is that soup helps retain the fibre of all the vegetables used – fibres help in inducing a feeling of fullness which stops you from continuously binging on food which could be fried and fattening. Not only this, the water content in soups is extremely high which helps a person to fill up without adding too many calories to their diet.


One of the best things which work with soup is that one can experiment a lot with what one has – throw in other herbs to add to the flavour and then dive in. So we suggest a mixture of lemon, coriander, onions and black pepper and enjoy this high-fibre, low-calorie soup which is a great way to keep the weight in check.

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