Keeping your food safe in the hot summer months – Important tips

The intense heat which has descended upon us is not the only problem we face during the summer months. The hot summer months also come with food and water-borne diseases, which include diarrhoea and typhoid. Hence, grabbing food from the road-side vendors, taking a bite of cut fruit, and drinking contaminated water may lead to frequent gastrointestinal troubles.
“In hot weather, people have two to three times the water that they consume in winter months, sometimes from unsafe sources. That is the most common cause of infections. It is best to carry water from home while travelling,” Dr Anil Arora, chairperson of the department of gastroenterology at Sir Ganga Ram hospital, was quoted by Hindustan Times.
Here we share a few valuable tips from the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India on keeping food safe and prevent diseases.

Buy fresh: Always ensure that the fruits and vegetables which you buy are fresh. Pulpy or shrivelled fruits and vegetables are not healthy and they will only get worse with time.
Also, avoid buying any fish which sinks when you push it with a finger or fish with grey gills. Refrain from purchasing meat with tough, fibrous flesh that is discoloured or slimy.

Buying packaged foods: During these months, do not buy foods which have large amounts of ice crystals or thawed ice. Also, for other packets, be careful and see if the packet is deflated or the cans and boxes are bulking out or leaking.

How to store fruits and vegetables: For leafy vegetables, clean them and then store them in paper towels further wrapping them in plastic bags; also, store potatoes, onions, and garlic in open baskets.
Milk and other dairy products like butter, cheese, and cottage cheese should be stored in the refrigerator. Also, one should never mix any fresh food with leftovers while heating.

Follow these tips to make sure that you eat healthy during the summer months.

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