Indian delicacy, a lot to say but very minimum to write.

Due to its vast history lying from Mughals to the Portuguese, the French, to the Britishers, we owe them somehow in our food traditions.

Who doesn’t know about biryani, obviously the only dish that we want when it comes to Mughlai delicacy.

But that’s not the only part of the culture. It starts from kebabs to endless non-vegetarian options and from hara bhara kebabs to khamiris and pulao.

And about Portuguese dishes, we haven’t discovered much but there’s lot more to explore than Caldo Verde and Sardines.

One cannot deny the facts that the Portuguese are one of the best in making sea food delicacies. And one can enjoy their traditional foods in Goa.

French, like their language, their dishes are the sweetest.

From croissants and tarts to their Poire Belle Hélène and Rum Baba.

While roaming in the streets of France, one can smell the aroma from the bakeries.

What to tell about the Britishers, who ruled the world,

From morning breakfast to evening snacks they were known for their meal courses.

Eggs and bacon to baked potatoes & gravy and their all famous Fish and Chips.

They taught us a lot about the western world’s culture.

Concluding I would just say that being a foodie, our culture is always open to new suggestions and traditions

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