How to get stomach ready for the summers: Tips, diet plans, suggestions

It is that time of the year when ‘what you eat’ and ‘how you eat’ often gets reflected in ‘how you feel’. The summers are here and hence, one becomes highly vulnerable to different ailments and allergies owing to the extreme heat. It also makes us tweak our regular diet which leads to changes in our appetite.

Drinking sufficient water right through the day is one good way of keeping the energy levels high. Also, the importance of a good gut cannot be stressed enough, as it is more prone to irritation and allergies.

So, what are the types of food which are healthy for your gut?

A balanced diet with special emphasis on green vegetables is one way of keeping healthy. A diet which includes carbohydrates, fats, and proteins in an appropriate proportion will ensure a healthy gut.

As per Dr Amit Mayeo: “Let’s keep this simple, a healthy gut needs good nutrition. Any change in your diet will markedly affect your gut bacteria and cause dysbiosis.”

It should be mentioned here that high-fibre food is great for the gut as it promotes the growth of healthy bacteria in our body. Also, we should try to consume more fruits and vegetables. Curd and yoghurt have useful lactobacilli which enhance the immune function of the gut. We have to go for food and drinks with high levels of polyphenols. The great examples of these are nuts, seeds, berries, olive oil, red wine, coffee, and tea.

As always, be careful not to overload the system with too much starch or sugar as they could then feed the growth of bad bacteria and viruses.

Also, exercise as it helps the metabolism and in this heat, it should be a way of life and not an option.

As per Doctor Naresh Bhat: “The common factor in all gastrointestinal issues is obesity. Hence, exercise and weight reduction are crucial for a healthy gut. Exercising has to become a lifestyle and not a temporary activity for long term benefits.”

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