Fan of red meat? Here is a warning for you

Replacing red meat with other sources of protein may help you live longer!

As per a new study, increasing consumption of red meat, especially processed red meat has seen a higher risk of death cases. This study, which was published in the journal BMJ shows that replacing red meat with other protein sources like egg, fish, whole grains, and vegetables over time are much better and may help you live for a longer period.

For this study, a team of researchers from Harvard University assessed the link between changes in red meat consumption over an eight-year period and compared it with the mortality rate during the next eight years. It started from 1986 to the end of follow-up in 2010.

As far as the data is concerned, they used data from 53,553 US registered female nurses, who were aged between 30 and 55, and 27,916 male health professionals in the US, in the age bracket of 40 and 75. These people were free of any cardiovascular disease and cancer at the start of the study.

Once every four years, these participants were given a food frequency questionnaire (FFQ) in which they were asked about the changes in their food habits. They were then segregated into five categories depending on the changes in red meat intake.

The results which tumbled out were quite conclusive – during this study period, the total number of deaths from any cause reached 14,019 (8,426 women and 5,593 men). The leading cause for all these deaths included cardiovascular disease, cancer, respiratory disease, and neurodegenerative disease.

Now, the researchers adjusted for age and other influential factors, they increased the total red meat consumption by 3.5 servings a week or more over an eight-year period and this was directly related to 10 per cent higher risk of death in the next eight years.

Also, it was found that reducing red meat intake and replacing it with more whole grains, vegetables, or other protein foods such as poultry without skin, eggs, and fish is far more beneficial as it reduces the risk of death in both men and women.

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