Drinking coffee may help fight obesity

Why exercise?

Coffee has several health benefits and as per a new study, drinking coffee is one of the best ways to stimulate and invigorate the body’s own fat-fighting defences, which will be a huge way to combat obesity and diabetes.

This study, which is published in the journal scientific reports, is one of the first ones to be carried out in humans to find components which have a direct impact on ‘brown fat’ functions, which is one of the biggest ways to burn calories as form of energy.

TheBrown Adipose Tissue (BAT), which is also known as brown fat, is one of the two types of fats found in humans and other mammals as per the researchers in University of Nottingham in the UK.

“Brown fat works in a different way to other fat in your body and produces heat by burning sugar and fat, often in response to cold,” said Professor Michael Symonds, from the University of Nottingham.

“Increasing its activity improves blood sugar level  as well as the  blood lipid levels and the extra calories that are burnt help with weight loss. However, until now, no one has found an acceptable way to stimulate its activity in humans,” Symonds further added.

“This is the first study in humans to show that something like a cup of coffee can have a direct effect on our brown fat functions,” as per Symonds.

“From our previous work, we knew that brown fat is mainly located in the neck region, so we were able to image someone straight after they had a drink to see if the brown fat got hotter,” Symonds added.

“The results were positive and we now need to ascertain that caffeine as one of the ingredients in the coffee is acting as the stimulus or if there’s another component helping with the activation of brown fat. We are currently looking at caffeine supplements to test whether the effect is similar.

So, we have another reason to love coffee. Bring me a cup!

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