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Craziest food festivals sound like a joke topic, but once you start looking into it
you’ll realize they’re everywhere – the crazier, the better. When you’re planning
your gap year, try to fit one of these gastronomic fiestas into your itinerary. I
mean, who doesn’t want a selfie knee-deep in tomatoes in some obscure Spanish
town? So let’s dig in, shall we?

Food is one of the great pleasures in life, so make the most of it with this food
festivals from around the world.

Hawaii Food & Wine Festival – Honolulu, Hawaii

Hawaii is a state that has beautiful weather, a unique culture, and delicious food.
For foodies that want to take a trip to the islands and taste some delicious local
cuisine, attending the Hawaii Food & Wine Festival is a bucket-list must!
This festival isn't a single festival. There are multiple events that take place all
over the Hawaiian Islands throughout the month of October.
Rabechilbi Richterswil
Rabechilbi Richterswil happens in November in Switzerland. Locals cut and carve
turnips into different shapes insert candles like a jack-o’-lantern, and parade
them through the Richterswil, Zurich.
The night apparently honors the churchgoers of the 1850s who lit the way to the
chapel by walking with their twinkling turnips.

Dubai Food Festival

The Dubai Food Festival runs for three weeks starting from late February till late
March annually. The Dubai Food Festival is a chance to eat and drink as if you
were living the ex-pat life in this dazzling Middle Eastern city. Some of Dubai‘s
buzziest restaurants offer set-price restaurant week menus for dinner

reservations, while the Beach Canteen, the festival’s main venue, features a stage
for live music and events plus dozens of food stalls, food trucks, even vintage
Airstream campers selling everything from poke bowls and fried chicken and
waffles to Turkish kebabs.

Chinchilla Melon Festival
Big ones, small ones, round ones, and juicy ones – no matter what kind you like
you’ll find a melon for you in Chinchilla.
As the melon capital of Australia, it celebrates its love of the refreshing
fruit/vegetable by holding a four-day celebration each February, including the
Melon Ironman competition – watermelon skiing, pip spitting, melon races, and
melon Bungie.
Ivrea Orange Festival
Isn’t it interesting to know that people in such festivals play with fruits? The
Spanish isn’t alone in flinging their food – the Italians in Ivrea do the same with
the annual Battle of the Oranges. They throw oranges at each other and have
great fun!

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