Apple diet for people with high blood sugar levels


Super Fruit!

One of the biggest concerns in the world of health and nutrition has been the growing cases of diabetes. Not only is Diabetes mellitus one major reason for obesity, but the cases of diabetes are also growing at an epidemic rate worldwide. There is a study which is conducted by Lancet Journal and as per the findings, about 98 million Indians are at risk of developing diabetes by the end of 2030.
As far as the food is concerned, one needs to stay away from refined and processed food and instead, include a lot of fruits and vegetables. While one should avoid mangoes and chikoos; apples, on the other hand, are extremely viable – they are rich in both soluble and insoluble fibres.
Always try to munch on the fruit with the skin intact as they are replete with fibre and antioxidants. However, do wash them carefully as there are shopkeepers who apply a coat of wax on the skin to make them appear shiny.
And then, go ahead and try Apple salads as they are a fun way of experimenting with the fruit. Chop the apples and mix them with herbs or walnuts. This serves two purposes – it is tasty and is also extremely healthy.
Mix apple with oats and this can serve as an alternative of dessert. There is superb texture and the flavours are awesome; so sit back and dig in and forget about blood sugar levels.
Having said all this, we ask you to refrain from consuming apple juice and always opt for fresh apples as only fresh varieties have all the essential fibres which prevent an increase in blood sugar. Juice, on the other hand, has immensely high sugar content which is not suggested to those who are at risk of diabetes.

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