Stop body shaming – It leads to more weight gain in kids

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Well, you see an overweight kid and the first reaction of people around them is to pass comments, put them in a corner and extract fun at their expense. However, as per a recent study, teasing and bullying overweight children only acts as a catalyst further leading to an increase in their weight.
As per the findings in Paediatric Obesity, kids who face body shaming further increase their body weight by up to 33% as compared to kids who do not face any such stigma. The findings rebuff all the earlier claims which suggest that teasing might push the younger crop to go ahead and change their lifestyle, instead, they start doubting themselves even more and this leads to an increase in their weight.
The aforementioned study was conducted over 100 youths whose average age was around 11.8 years, according to Natasha A. Schvey, Assistant Professor at the Uniformed Services University in the US. The participants were either overweight (definition of which is having a body mass index above the 85th percentile) when they began the study or had parents who were themselves overweight or obese.
For them to arrive at a conclusion, they completed a six-item questionnaire on whether they were teased for their weight. Also, they participated in annual follow-up visits for the next 15 years. The results which tumbled out showed that the youngsters who experienced acute levels of teasing only bumped up their weight at an average of 0.20 kg per year as compared to the kids who were left alone.
The theory which then followed believes that several weight-associated stigmas may have made these young people indulge in even more unhealthy behavioural patterns which included binge eating and shunning any type of exercise. There is another possible explanation which suggests that being continuously haggled and mocked enhances the release of the hormone cortisol, which only leads to more weight gain.
So next time you see an overweight kid, share words of encouragement with them and help them on their journey of losing extra weight.

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