Shorter duration intense exercises more beneficial for overweight men, says new study

Shorter duration intense exercises more beneficial

Researchers from the University of Glasgow have come up with a new finding on the effect of short duration and high-intensity resistance exercise training on overweight men.

The study, which has been published in Experimental Physiology, suggests that three 15 minute sessions per week done for a duration of six weeks can bring drastic changes in a man’s insulin sensitivity, as well as muscle size and strength.

The research has been done for men suffering from Type II diabetes who are mostly obese or overweight. The study says that exercising intensely for short duration can be as effective as longer duration workouts when it comes to improving insulin sensitivity.

According to the study, in a world where lack of time has become a major excuse for not exercising, short but intense workout routines seem to be attainable much easily.

Notably, an increase in blood sugar level can lead to experiencing fatigue and can even result in complications of heart diseases and stroke.

In the past, there have been studies that had suggested the impact of 45 minute long resistance training on insulin sensitivity, muscle size and muscle strength, but there were no studies that highlighted the effects of shorter exercise resistance exercise programmes.

To conduct the study, ten overweight men were recruited by the team of researchers and they were made to train three times a week for six weeks. Every training session included nine standard resistance exercises like leg presses and bicep curls.

The researchers noted the muscle size, muscle strength and insulin sensitivity of these men before and after the training program of six weeks.

When these measurements were compared, it was found that the exercise regimen resulted in an increase in insulin sensitivity of these men by 16 per cent.

“On top of these results, we know that the gym is not for everyone. Therefore, we also need to see if we can get people doing similar exercises at home without gym equipment, to achieve similar beneficial effects,” ANI quoted research head Stuart Gray as saying.

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